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Open UNTIL 31st October 2018

information:  01263 588 210  
 SHOP:   01263 588 284 (when open 10am to 5pm)

SchoolS or groups

The Muckleburgh Military Collection is safe for School or Group visits with regular Risk Assessments carried out on all its facilities

Potential hazards in the Museum have been identified and warnings are given about not climbing on any of the vehicles or exhibits 

Construction materials and paint finishes are fire retardant and safe for contact. All electrical equipment has been checked and visitors are protected from electrical shock. Materials used as part of any activities have been assessed as safe subject to appropriate use

Fire Extinguishers are located at strategic points which are identified by signs and on a Floor Plan provided at the Shop on entry to the building. The Museum is fitted with smoke and fire detectors and in the event of a fire an Alarm will sound. An evacuation announcement will be heard throughout the building

Fire Exits are clearly marked and give access to safe areas well away from the building. The Floor Plan and Fire Exits should be studied by those responsible for children and everyone must go to the identified Muster Areas
School teachers and accompanying adults are responsible for the general health and safety of children with whom they must remain at all times including during evacuation

The Museum staff is trained in First Aid and appropriated facilities are available. Museum staff do not require Disclosure & Baring Service (formerly CBR) checks as they have no supervising or continuing contact with children

Should school teachers or accompanying adults require any further information or assistance they should enquire at the reception in the Shop

January 2019