Open from 28th March 2024

information:  01263 588 210  

T‍HE WHOLE collection


Vehicles are in running condition except those marked # which are awaiting restoration

A34 Comet

A41 Centurion Mk5

AMX 13

Centurion ARV

#Churchill Mk7 Under Restoration

FV 101 Scorpion CVR(T)

FV 4201 Chieftain Mk5 (two with one #)

FV 433 Abbott 105mm SPG (two)

FV 432 APC

FV 434 ARV

FV 438 Swingfire

M 24 Chaffee

M 47 Patton

M16A2 White with Maxson quad 50 calibre MG

M29 Cargo Carrier (Weasel)

M4A1 Sherman (Grizzly)

M5A1 Stuart (Honey)

MT 55 Bridgelayer

Panzer PZ61

# Panzer PZ68

Sexton 25Pdr SP

T 34/85 MBT

T 55 MBT

Tracked Rapier SAM Launcher M74B

Universal Carrier No2 Mk1 (Bren Carrier)

ZSU-23-4 Shilka Anti-Aircraft



Daimler Armoured Car Mk1

Daimler Mk2 Scout Car (Dingo)

Ferret Mk1/2 (two with one awaiting restoration)

FV1611 Humber Mk2 (Pig)

FV601 Alvis Saladin Mk2

Landsverk Unimog Scout Car

M3A1 White Scout Car

M8 Greyhound

Saracen APC Mk1


105 mm Field Gun

105 mm L3A1 Pack Howitzer

106mm Recoilless Rifle

13 Pdr Field Gun

17 Pdr 3 Inch Anti-tank

18 Pdr Field Gun

2 Pdr Anti-tank (two)

2 Pdr Naval Gun Mk5

25 Pdr Field Gun & Limber

3.7-inch Anti-aircraft

4.5-inch QF Howitzer

40 mm Bofors L70 (two)

5.5 Inch Howitzer

57 mm AZP S-60 Anti-aircraft

6 Pdr Anti-tank

7 Pdr Mark IV Armstrong Cannon

88 mm Flack 37

Argentine CITEFA 155 mm Field Gun M-77

FH 70 155 Field Howitzer (two)

Flak 20 RH 202 (Rheinmetall)


M1 155 mm Howitzer

M1 155 mm Long Tom

M56 105 mm Pack Howitzer

Quad 14.5 mm ZPU4 (three)

Single 14.5 mm ZPU1

Twin 14.5 mm ZPU2 (two)


Vehicles are in running condition except those marked # which are awaiting restoration

# 10 KVA Generator

# Orme-Evans No1 Mk1 Airborne Trailer

# Albion 10 TonGS Workshop (for Sale)

Austin 8 Staff Car

# Austin K5 GSA

# Austin K6 Breakdown Gantry

# Bedford 3 Ton QL

# Bedford Radio Van (For Sale)F

# Brockhouse 20 ton Trailer

# Cranes 7.5 ton Trailer

# M416 Mutt Trailer

# M19 Gama Goat (three)

# M43 Dodge Ambulance

Austin 12 Saloon Car

Austin K2 Ambulance

DKW Munga

90cm Searchlight

BSA M20 Motor Cycle

# Cable Trailer

Chevrolet C8AT Portee

Commer radio detection van (For Sale)

Diamond T 981 Prime Mover

Diamond T 967 Wrecker

Ford GPA (Amphibian)

Ford WOT 2

# Ford WOT 6

FV620 Alvis Stalwart Mk1 (two)

M9 Rogers 45 Ton Trailer

GMC CCKW 352 (Jimmy)

Godiva Coventry Climax mobile Fire Pump

Godiva Coventry Climax Fire Pump

Leyland DAF GS

Leyland Hippo Mk2

Morris Commercial C8 FAT Mk3 (Quad)

Praga 8 ton Mobile Crane

SV/25 Scammel Pioneer

Willys GPW (Jeep)

# Russian ZIL 131 Water Tanker

# Fire Hose Reel Tender (two)


All these missiles are on display and with all propellant removed

9K11 Malyutka (AT-3 SAGGER)

9M113 Konkurs Wire-guided AT

9M37M Strella 10 SAM

Bristol Bloodhound Mk2

English Electric Thunderbird Mk2

Replica Fieseler Fi 103 (V1 Doodlebug) with a section of the original  Peenemünde launch ramp

9K35 Strela10 SAM( SA-13 “Gopher”)

Javelin LML trainer

Rapier Mk2 Launcher (+15 test Missiles)

M21 Free flight missile

100mm Anti-tank wire guided missile (two)

100mm Anti-tank practice missile

FV 438 Swingfire Anti-tank wire guided missile



Most radar marked # is awaiting restoration

# Anti Aircraft Fire Control No3 MkVII

Cymbeline mortar locating radar

# Green Archer mortar locating radar

# Local warning Anti aircraft No4 Mk7

# No11 Target Surveillance (Big Ears)

# No12 Height Finder (Noddy)

# Type 65 (two)

# Type 87

# Type 88 Target Surveillance


This is a small selection from some 200 shells on display

The ammunition was Certified Free From Explosives by the British Army in 2012 and again in 2019

85mm HV Arrowhead Tank and field Gun

82mm Czech M59 Recoilless HE Anti-tank

Rare 85mm AP Tungsten core Tank and Field Gun

82mm Czech M59 Recoilless HE Anti-tank

76.2mm HE German Pac 40 Field Gun

76mm Anti-aircraft

76mm Finnish made Russian design AA

Rare 76mm HE fin stabilised Anti-tank

76.2mm Anti-aircraft Arrowhead

76mm Armour Piercing for T34 Tank

76mm High Explosive Tank and Field Gun

76mm AP and Field Gun

76mm High Explosive Tank and Field Gun

82mm Russian Navy Jamming Spin rocket

76.2mm WW1 Shrapnel with time fuse

57mm AP HE Anti-tank Gun

57mm Czech HE Anti-aircraft

57mm PLK-S60 Anti-aircraft

57mm Capped S60 AP Anti-aircraft

57mm S60 Armour Piercing Anti-aircraft

57mm ZRS Anti-aircraft

76mm Arrowhead for T34 Tank and Field Gun

57mm Russian C60 Anti-aircraft

152mm M1938 Howitzer    

122mm D30 Howitzer

100mm German 100PZ Full Charge

122mm Illuminating Shell with MLZ Fuze

105mm German for LFH18 (Howitzer)

120 Yugoslavian HE Mortar

1915 German Sulphur Mustard HT 281 shell

1912 Russian 76mm Mountain Gun

81mm Illuminating Mortar M301

125mm Fin-stabilised warhead

152mm 1937 HE shell for ML20 Howitzer

122mm shell for D74 Field Gun/ T-10m Tank Gun

102mm (4 inch) Naval round

85mm Armour Piercing  

100mm HV Discarding Sabot round

100mm APFSDS Anti-tank

115mm High Velocity APFSDS-T BM6

100mm High Velocity DS display round

115mm HE Frag round for Tank gun OF27

100mm HE OF-412 Frag round

125mm HEF shell

FLG Illuminating rocket

5 Boxed RPG-9

RPG-7 Variant (with tailfin)

SPG 9.73mm round for BMP4 gun

Czech 82mm Anti-tank HEAT

4 Clipped 57mm S60 Anti-aircraft

40mm Flat Tipped 1939 round

18 Pdr case engraved 1935

18 Pdr 1918 case engraved 1927

6 Pdr 1943 case